CBT - £140, or £130 using your own bike*

A CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) is a training course that teaches students how to safely, legally and efficiently ride a motorbike. The length varies from person to person, but it is usually just done in a one day session. The course is split up into 5 parts:

We will progress through the list, moving on once we are both confident and happy with what you have learned.

At the end of the CBT you will receive a certificate showing that you have passed, and letting you ride a motorcycle(with 'L' plates) on the road for up to 2 years when it expires. After 2 years, if you have not passed the full test, you will be required to take another CBT so you can continue riding.

* If you would like to use your own bike in the CBT it MUST be road taxed and have valid insurance. If the bike is over 3 years old it must also have a valid MOT certificate.

Direct Access - £30 per hour

Contact me for more information on the direct access course.